Book Review: My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

If you have a cat, you will agree with this book. If you have a beginning reader, they will want to read this book.
Simple and straightforward, My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes is perfect for little kids and cat lovers alike.


We Like: The Wizard of Oz Pop-up Book


Every once in a while, you find a book that was made for adults but is just perfect for kids. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Commemorative Pop-up is one of those titles. Beautifully engineered by Robert Sabuda, it is one of those books that just takes your breath away. Every page invites the reader to look closely for treasures tucked in here and there. As an additional treat, there are also pop-ups within the smaller pages, so make sure to read through. My personal favorites have to be the Twisting Tornado page (yes, it really does twist!) and the little detail of the Wicked Witch’s feet under Dorothy’s house. 

You can find The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Commemorative Pop-Up at Fully Booked.  Here are other Robert Sabuda titles worth looking out for:  12 Days of Christmas, Winter in White, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ABC Disney.

This review is from Ryce Calunsag, manager of The Learning Library and mother of two.