Three Filipino Words A Day…

3 Filipino Words a Day: That’s our goal at home with my Ally. Minsan nasusunod, minsan hindi. Pero kahit 50% lang, meron na kaming over 500 words at the end of the year, di ba? Since she writes them down, we can review the words every week of every month. And she gets to practice penmanship as a bonus.  🙂

I use words that are related to each other so it’s easier to remember: words we used during the day (like a trip to the park) or words we got from a book (if it’s English, I make sure to translate 3 words from it). I’ve found that verbs are harder to remember than nouns so it’s best that you act them out. If you can sing the words as a jingle, even better. You’ll have visual, auditory, kinesthestic and tactile (writing) — a real multi-sensory approach!   


It’s gotten to be such a habit that sometimes she’s about to sleep, then she remembers that she hasn’t written down her 3 words — she’ll get up and write them down. Mommy has to be one lesson ahead so she doesn’t make up words on the spot! If you’re committed, and you enjoy it, your child will be as committed and will enjoy it too.

Maligayang Buwan ng Wika!

  • – Vanessa Punzalan-Bicomong 

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