How to Sign Up Your Kids for a Summer Class in The Learning Library (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much are your programs?

Our programs are P4, 800 per month. Assessment is for free and we offer early bird discount for parents who would like to enrol before March 15 for our first summer run and April 15 for our second summer run.

When does your summer classes start?

Our first summer run will begin on April 6, 2015 and our second run on May 4, 2015.

My kids will finish school early this year! May I enrol them before your first summer run on April 6?

Yes you may! We offer our direct teaching programs before summer (P3,800 for 8 sessions) Please call 294-8081 to schedule an assessment. Visit to find the branch nearest you.

My kid is doing okay in Reading and Filipino, do we really need to go for an assessment? 

Yes because our assessments will help determine two things (1) the summer program that will best benefit your child and (2) the current level of your child in Reading or Filipino which is needed to prepare developmentally appropriate worksheets and activities for your kids.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer 2 types of discounts, (1) Early Bird Discount and (2) Sibling Discount. Only one type of discount is applicable per child.

Early bird Promo (2)

How do I sign up for a summer class?
Early bird Promo (3)

How to pay reservation fee? (Parents may pay in two ways)

1. Pay reservation fee in cash or cheque in any of our branches (please make cheque payable to The Learning LibraryEducation Cooperative, BDO account number 7640004605) Please visit to find the branch nearest you.

2. Through bank deposit. Kindly email your deposit slip to with the following details on the subject line: Name of Child/ Branch/ Month.

We look forward to a great summer with you.


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