Just before my kids’ Christmas break, I stopped by Fully Booked at The Fort to get a few titles for my tweens to read during extended home time.  I usually get their reading material from Booksale, but this time I wanted to get them the latest titles.

My search led me to the (previously unexplored) Intermediate Readers section.  “Impressive” is the word that comes to mind.  Fully Booked – kudos to them! — know exactly what kids are into:  new media, comic books, spooky stuff, mysteries and of course, humor.  I found old favorites and a host of new titles that my kids ended up enjoying:

1. Spaceheadz.  “The perfect combination of the age-old experience of holding and poring over a physical book with newest media technology.”  Well said!  Spaceheadz is the current favorite of the family.


2. Dragonbreath.  Does your child read only comic books?  This series combines comic book panels and text to tell a story.  Just might succeed in weaning your tween over to chapter books!


3. The Books of Elsewhere.  “Creative, exciting, hilarious, spooky, mysterious, adventurous, heaps of fun!”  With all those adjectives, how could you go wrong with these books?


4. Encyclopedia Brown. The timeless kid detective series.  (And according to a Hollywood website, a movie version at Warner Brothers is on the works!)


5. The Homework Machine, and other books by Dan Gutman.   My daughter had lots of laugh-out-loud moments while reading The Homework Machine — explains why Dan Gutman is a best-selling kids’ author.


Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were cool back in our day, dear parents, but there are lots of new authors who know what today’s kids enjoy more.  And if you want to understand your kids better, read what they read.  It’s not only rewarding, it’s fun!

By Vanessa Bicomong is a manager and personal book recommender at The Learning Library.

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