What Do I Do When My Child Prefers the iPad to Books?



High-tech devices are here to stay. But just as with everything else, it must be moderated.  It is strongly advised that these devices are introduced to children not earlier than two  years old, because there are studies that correlate early use of technology devices and ADHD. Here are a few other tips on how to help your child:

  1. Know what your child is doing.  What apps do they often use? Are you allowing online gaming? Make sure you censor it based also on your own values.
  2. Set time limits for these devices.  Some parents go for one hour a day on school days and maybe shorter for children in the early grades.  Make sure alternatives are available such as sports and of course books. Here’s the secret: your child wants your attention and doing things together will always be treasured by your children.
  3. Introduce them to books carefully.  Start them with comics and magazines where they are still stimulated visually. Choose themes that your child loves, may it be dinosaurs or Barbie.
  4. Know the level of the child.  Here’s how it goes: the smaller the child, the bigger the letters, the shorter the words and sentences are.  Then make the purchase of books fun for them. Sign up with a library that can help you identify your child’s reading level and let you borrow books so your choices are wider without having to spend too much. In a library, you can also find other children who are into books if your child’s circle of friends are already too engrossed in technology.Later on, your child will be using high-tech devices as it seems inevitable.  But hopefully, he is a goal-oriented and smarter user, and you as the parent have given them the proper guidance that they need to face this ever-changing.

About the Author: Teacher Fran spends her free time doing arts and crafts, singing and biking. She is motherly to her students and loves spending time with her son.


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