“What I love best about our work at The Learning Library” by Teacher Mitch

Branch West

My job at The Learning Library came at the perfect moment. I was on the verge of going to a different direction in my career, because the offers in this field aren’t good enough or just giving me bad vibes the day before my self-imposed “deadline”, the offer came. Next thing I knew, I was heading to Katipunan every day, even though it was an 2 hour minimum commute from my place.

It was like going to school again, where you learn new things,( however cliché-ish it sounds) talk with your girlfriends (yes, because people in the Lib are uber friendly), eat lunch together, help one another when it’s time to give a report, and stuffs like students in school, only that this is work. The best thing that caught my attention and made me fall head over heels for the Lib, is the prospect of reading books and teaching kids.

Even though I am assigned to a different branch, which is closer to where we live, I miss Katipunan a lot. The noise and buzz- everything and everyone in it (well except for the long tedious commute). In the branches I handle, Serendra and Greenbelt, there are fewer students, and during my free time, you are required to read books and make small questions and quizzes for each. You’ll realize how time flies, instead of being bored, you get to see “different things and explore different worlds” in a span of a 1 hour break or gap during free time. There are days that some of the students come in early or late, but “kahitwalangkain”- you don’t get hungry, they’re such sweet and affectionate kids who can melt hunger or “pagod”.

Working in “The Learning Library” is like Peter Pan living in Neverland, you will always be a kid who’s thirsty for new things, and the child in me never did grow old, I’m still the same kid who’s always being scolded for reading too fast or reading in the dark. I never imagined that I can have this as a career. Working in the Library is like reliving the story “Jane Austen Book Club”- each takes turns in speaking and when a session is done, both parties, the Reading Coach and the students learned something new that they can use in school, everyday lives and can be held like a treasure ‘til we grow old.

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